The key to achieving big goals is breaking them down to manageable chunks and really achieve them. If you can break it down to small actionable tasks and do it on a weekly basis one task at a time. We are capable of achieving whatever goals we set for ourselves. 

How to break down big goals into actionable steps.

  1. Effectively set your goals.
    1. It should be rooted from a strong  “WHY”
    2. Must be crystal clear.
    3. Needs to have a deadline
  2. Break down your big goal
    1. Make milestones.
  3. Breakdown your milestones
    1. Pinpoint those outcomes
  4. Breakdown your outcomes.
    1. Breakdown until you get to the level that is actionable
  5. Time block your actions into your schedule
    1. Do and follow through.

By undertaking the steps above your goals become achievable. It becomes clearer on the little task that you need to take to accomplish an action. Consequently, this will help you accomplish an outcome that is part of a large milestone. This milestone is a part of that goal.

Therefore, live an intentional life and break down your goals into chunks which then you can tackle one at time. Let us help you live that intentional life, we at Life Pulse Inc build systems that will help you achieve this. Book a consultation now.

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