Planning your life one week at a time is not only the most effective way to get everything you need done, but it is the best way to make sure you are living a fulfilled life. The LP is the most powerful way to plan if you want to get more done with less stress.


The power of weekly planning, which we call 7-Day Planning, lies in the perfect balance of freedom and flexibility it offers for your life. Instead of drifting along, you obtain a birds-eye view of the maze below, and connect your brand-new freedom in order to attain whatever you want.  It enables you to manage the routine and often minor tasks along with your longstanding plans. Think of your weekly plan as your life’s Attack Plan: it’s where you resolve the strategies and logistics to transform your long-term vision into reality.


The first step is to plan your non-negotiables and put them in your LP so you won’t need to worry about missing anything crucial. Remember that the things that helps you remain sane are those non-negotiable. Next you might want to plan your most significant and urgent task which would let you get relieved if you did it before next week. This would get your life moving forward. And if you are having difficulty thinking what that might be, try looking at our LP system.


You should also consider planning your downtime to relax or sleep time once you are done scheduling you non-negotiables along with the time to finish your most urgent task for the week. Having a time to rest is essential especially when life seems so busy and this is what we cut back on first. Know what time you need to shut down everything you do and sleep!


If you’re the very busy type of person, there won’t be enough time to get all things done. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and ending up planning nothing or exerting too much effort to plan everything, then you will be set to fail. Just ensure your list is prioritized carefully before adding it to your planned week, without going overboard. Remember, it’s best to plan simply rather than plan big which will only overwhelm you. Then once you discover you still have extra time, you can just come back to your priority list later in the week.


Once you have planned your weekly spread, evaluate yourself and think if your plan is achievable since overwhelming yourself is not going to help you. Examine yourself if you feel calm and relaxed after planning this or still overwhelmed because if you are, tendency is you may have overlooked that you have too much on your plate going on. You may want to act on this by removing some tasks not much important as compared to the rest. You will get more tasks accomplished if you set yourself up to succeed and do a lot more if you have the extra time.  


Working from your calendar instead of a to-do list is way better since it allows you to be a lot more in detail when it comes to your plans.  Digital calendars can help you plan ahead by just dropping and dragging your tasks when life gets a bit toxic like if something is bound to arise at some point. Tasks that you think can be done later might be ideal to be done at the first day of the weekly spread since getting tasks done early will provide a sense of satisfaction which you won’t get if you procrastinate on them.




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