LP Fitness Track


How to set yourself up to get the physical goals and the balanced life you have always wanted.

  • No matter what your physical level is, you will learn how to become 77% more likely to achieve every fitness goal.
  • Fit your fitness goals easily into your already busy life.
  • Avoid the most common reasons for failure in your fitness world.
  • Start seeing results EVERY WEEK.
  • Weekly support emails and videos from Coach Shawn.
  • Using a proven system to achieve any goal from getting back into the gym to climbing Everest.
  • See results that you felt only professional athletes could get



Shawn was the first coach I ever had that I felt really cared about me and my progress. I think the easiest thing would be to make a list of all the things Shawn did for:

  • He was always happy to see me and that made me want to go to the gym.
  • If I missed a few days or went on vacation and didn’t tell him, I could expect a text asking where I was and telling me how much he missed me.
  • He has an enormous personality and that made going to the gym fun.
  • If I was injured or recovering, he could always rig up some weird exercise that I could do that wouldn’t stress my body.
  • He knew what my limits were and always made me push just a little bit more. I was never allowed to phone it in


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