Special Private Coaching

$5,000.00 / month

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Goal: To achieve any goal the participant desires and is willing to progress towards. Success takes time. But, as the saying goes, we can eat the elephant one bite at a time. So, that’s what we plan to do with each participant’s goals – set them up to be tackled over time, one bite at a time. Luck is a short term event, but success is an ongoing journey. At Life Pulse, we help individuals go after a life well-lived…a fulfilled life…a successful life. We do this by making sure all 4 Vital Signs of Fulfillment are addressed properly so participants are not unknowingly and unnecessarily sacrificing one part of their life to achieve what they think they want now, just to have regrets later. Our goal is to take each participant through our 90-Day plan to show them a structure that will allow them to achieve whatever they want. Progress and momentum are the hardest parts of achieving any goal –  this system makes that part easy. Rarely is the cause of an unmet goal due to ability. Instead, it is because of failure to move forward at a continuous pace to achieve the goal. This will be resolved through the 90-Day Goal Rush!



Description: A program that ensures participants achieve any size goal through taking small calculated steps. 

This program will keep every participant on track to achieve what they need in order to live the life they want to live.  We have found that individuals are not failing at goals due to ability but due to follow through.  We keep each participant accountable throughout every process of the program.

From the way we set the plan to what we discuss during our phone calls, it is all set so that participants can logically see the value of the actions they are taking over the opportunity loss if they choose not to. We take the time to properly plan, so for the 90 days, we are able to properly execute. We NEVER want to try to do both of those at the same time. 

EACH participant will be assigned their own ‘Client Success Manager’ who will focus on that individual directly through weekly follow-ups and personal coaching of our content. 

The direct result of this program is as follows:

  • Increased awareness of connection between personal purpose and work for participants.
  • Increased intentionality and productivity for participants.
  • Increased engagement in the workplace for participants.
  • Increased achievement rate with decreased burnout rate.
  • Increased adaptability and nimbleness through challenges.
  • Increased ability to thrive through change and growth for participants.

Execution Plan:

  • Month 1 (build the 90-Day Goal Rush) 
    • LP Coach has weekly calls to guide, encourage and clearly understand all the needs of the participant that will ensure success of the program
    • Participant receives access to our LP Unbreakable Workshop (3 part training program)
    • Participant receives the LP 15 Year Vision exercises
    • Participant receives access to all digital tools needed to ensure success of the 90-day Goal Rush
    • Participant receives Pre-Coaching Questionnaire
    • Participant receives Motivation Catalyst Assessment
    • 60-90 minute call to work with participant and find out the goals they are looking to achieve
    • The LP team will take that conversation and create a written 90-Day plan with the participant’s Motivation Catalyst and any comments from our conversation along with 4-6 goals they are looking to achieve in all areas of their life (3 Professional, 1 Internal, 1 Physical, and 1 Relational goal). Each goal will be broken down and formatted as follows:
      • Desired result of the goal
      • Benchmark of where they are right now
      • Monthly tasks that they agree, if done, will help to achieve the goal
      • Weekly tasks that they agree, if done, will help to achieve the goal
      • Push tasks that they agree, if done, will help to achieve the goal
      • Awareness of total time needed to reach desired goals
  • Months 2-4 (Implementing the 90-Day Goal Rush)
    • Weekly use of LP planner to ensure participant is taking action steps weekly
    • Weekly check-ins between Client Success Manager and participant
    • Monthly Review and Refine calls between Client Success Manager and participant
    • Quarterly summary of what was achieved and what needs to be achieved next quarter

**Unless participant has a specific internal goal, we will start with the Self Enlightenment Program.**

Simple Summary of Plan and Fees – All terms and fees will be described and finalized in Client Engagement Agreement.

90 Day Goal Rush Monthly Coaching   

Fees – price based on how many clients are coached and charged per month

  • 1st Team Member Coached – $5,000/month
  • 2nd Team member coached – $3,500/month
  • Each Team Member after that – $1,500/month

**Discount for 5 or more team members coached.


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