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Some PDF’s To understand more about what Life Pulse does and what you will get to experience as an HR professional if approved for our HR Cohort along with 10-hours of PDC that can be used to submit for approval by the organization of your choice:

In this program, HR professionals will experience and learn how to optimize people, processes, and performance in a sustainable way. This 4-months of live trainings, group coaching, customized performance plans, and guidance on implementing these strategies throughout their entire organization (regardless of size) along with lifetime access to digital trainings and products as well.
I would love to see a few of CITI HR Professionals to come through this program including yourself.  We can set up a time to chat with each if needed or if you all want to come in as a group, let me know and we can secure those spots.  Individuals can learn a bit more here

We’ve worked with companies like Google, Twitter, and the US Military and understand the growing gaps between companies’ needs and individuals’ wants in the workforce. Our approach focuses on equipping HR professionals to properly equipping their employees, so they can bridge these gaps. (Yes, the employees do it!)

The key is bringing together some of the best HR Professionals.  Those who are growth minded, people-centric, hardworking, coachable, and have a desire to help people.  For these people, please pass this invitation along. 

Again, we have a few spots left for our October Cohort and happy hold a spot, but we need the cohort finalize by September

Each attendee and organization will receive a customized approach to address their specific needs, ranging from fixing common workforce problems to achieving peak performance sustainably. Again, HR Professionals are excited about this because we show how to get the employees to do this on their own!

In fact, you can send them this email and have them click here to read a quick E Book on the most common issue we see damaging companies. We call them PPG’s and if an organization is not monitoring them, they are crushing the optimization of your entire team.  Likely someone will recognize at least one of the PPG’s negatively impacting their team, their company, or themselves and this E Book should help them start overcoming its impact.   If anyone recognizes multiple, they should schedule a call right away, and we can help

Also – just so they have a quick write up of what we do on a broader basis with each client we work with – Is Life Pulse for you.pdf

We’re excited to welcome HR professionals who are ready to drive growth and make a positive impact.


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