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The GLUE session clearly shows your position in life can be a perfect vehicle to live the life they want to live. At this point, you are able to take all that we teach and start seeing you can live out your purpose starting right now where you are.

60% of employees say that, in a role, the opportunity to do what they do best is “very important” to them.

90% of executives say focusing on PURPOSE in the workplace ENHANCES results & employee engagement yet only said they used it.

During the session you will…

  • Be aware of the difference between passion and purpose.
  • Build an understanding of the “purpose” of the company and the value of their position in the company.
  • Hear a strategy for unlocking their purpose inside and outside of the workplace.
  • Analyze the question “Why are you here?” and spend time developing a response. Learn how to connect their purpose with their daily tasks.
  • Create a personal filter to use when making a decision. Walk through the process that will allow them to narrow their purpose down to one sentence.

After this session you will…

  • Always know what decision to make in life no matter the level of difficulty.
  • Know how to tie their purpose to every task they have and be able to find fulfillment in all they do.
  • Be able to connect their current role with their purpose and use it as a road map for their career.
  • Articulate their purpose clearly. See an even greater boost in productivity than before.
  • Experience a decrease in confusion when it comes to decision-making and advancement in the workplace.
  • Show an increase in expressed gratitude.


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