It’s not WHAT you say…

When it comes to truly being PRODUCTIVE in your interactions with others, there’s really no better natural law than this to make it happen! When you are speaking with someone face-to-face, what do you notice most…what they SAY or how they ACT? 

Most of us focus on body language, facial expressions, tone and physical cues OVER what was actually said to us.

 A single word can elicit many emotions. It can be positive, it can be negative, it can be neutral.  It really just depends on HOW that word is said and with WHAT actions that word is accompanied by. You can’t really say what you want to say unless you package it with the right physical cues, tone, etc. 

Focus on how you present your words to others and you’ll see an increase in the results you get! 

Try it this week with two of the most important meetings or interactions on your Brain Dump and let us know what results you get…we love emails, especially ones letting us know how much you rocked your week! Send them to Maria@LifePlanner.Guru.

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