Bridging the gap from leadership style to ‘being led’ style” involves understanding the dynamics of leadership and followership. How can complement each other? It’s important to recognize that effective leadership often requires elements of both leadership and followership.


Developing a “being led” style needs leadership versatility. This means being able to switch between different styles as needed, depending on the demands of the situation and the followers’ preferences. Leadership versatility requires self-awareness, emotional intelligence, flexibility, and openness to feedback. It also involves understanding the needs and expectations of the followers and adjusting one’s behavior accordingly.


There are a bunch of strategies for developing versatility. First, we can start by seeking feedback from others on how they [perceive your leadership style and how it affects them. It is only beneficial to learn from other leaders who exhibit versatility and observe how they adapt their style to different scenarios and audiences.

By bridging the gap from leadership style to “being led” style, leaders can enhance their effectiveness, influence, and impact. They can also foster a positive relationship with their followers, who will feel more valued, respected, and motivated.

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