Guiding and teaching are both verbs that involve imparting knowledge or skills to someone else. Guiding means showing or directing someone how to do something. Teaching, on the other hand, means to instruct or educate someone in a particular subject or skill.


When working in a team it is important to bridge the gap between teaching and guiding. Guiding is more of a hands-off approach. It involves helping someone navigate a process or situation. This approach emphasizes each individual and is more interactive. 


To be able to bridge the gap between teaching and guiding it is important to tailor the approached to the specific group of people or simply personalized the learning process. Encourage active engagement by incorporating personal experience into the learnings. 


Learning is a lifelong process. This is why guiding is an effective approach because it encourages original thought and critical thinking skills. It also strengthens observational skills. Therefore, guide your team rather than teach them.


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