Thoughts are ideas or opinions produced by thinking. Therefore, your thoughts are your idea or opinion about something or someone. Their story may be different from your thoughts. So, hear their story first and bridge the gap between your thoughts and their story.


What we think often comes out of our mouths and into someone else’s ears. Our words impact how we feel about ourselves and they can impact how others think and feel. Words are symbols that communicate what’s going on inside our heads to ourselves and others. 


Sometimes we are quick to assume things based on others’ actions. However, we fail to realize that each person is unique. We have different ways of handling the situation and reacting to it. We should not base our thoughts about others on their actions and reactions.

Know their story first and make sure that the thoughts that you formulate in your head are aligned with their story. Effective communication entails a lot of listening before we can truly understand. Now, before you speak, listen. Only then we can bridge the gap between your thoughts and their story. 


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