Creating a plan is important because it helps us achieve our goals, and allows for more efficient use of time and other resources. Following the plan is the challenging part. This is why it is essential to bridge the gap between creating a plan and following the plan. 

Well take it from an old saying, “easier said than done”. When making a plan for a project, for example, one should take into consideration realistic estimates of duration, resource requirement, and costs of each of the activities while keeping in mind the end goals of the project. The most important thing to consider is taking the time to collect ideas and make others understand the value and purpose of the project before giving them the plan to execute. In this way, following the plan can be easier for each member of the team.

Begin with the end in mind. Start with a clear understanding of the goal. What is the end objective of any project? This will help in bridging the gap between creating a plan and following the plan. Engagement and accountability are other ways to be considered to make sure that the plan will be followed.

Change is inevitable. Therefore, we need to be open and flexible with our plans to be able to attain our goals. We need to be able to be adaptive and able to course correct when the need arise.

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