Staying “on the grind” means to work hard, always hustling, or otherwise engaged in making money. It is okay to grind or work hard, but it is not okay to be on the grind – meaning that you are excessively working. Remember that too much of something is not good enough. 

Take a second and pause – your mind and body need it. When you are always on the grind, you will become tired and eventually burn out. This can have negative repercussions on both your physical and mental health.

The popularity of hustle culture makes us want to be in the grind always. It’s a lifestyle where a career has become such a priority in your life or the environment that you work in. That other aspects of being human such as family and hobbies take a back seat. Not only does hustle culture, affect your quality of life, but it also affects the quality of the work you do.

Let this weekly wisdom be a reminder to you. Assess yourself now – are you in the grind? It’s okay to grind but don’t be in the grind. This is unnecessary and will eventually lead to breaking down. You just need to find something that stimulates you and be intentional in all that you do to enjoy life.

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