To be living with intention means that in whatever you do, do it with intention. Living with intention is living your life with a purpose. Your daily activities will follow through with this purpose. Intentional living also means being intentional about your choices.

You make the conscious choice to do more of what is important…that is intentional living. We are put on this earth for a purpose, therefore our life has a purpose. Find your purpose and align it with your goals.

If you live an intentional life, it helps you narrow your focus. In this way, you will find living with intention will make things better and easier. You may start by picking one aspect of your life that you want to be more intentional about and go from there.

So, how do we start living an intentional life? Start by reflecting on your current life now. Ask yourself if your actions are in sync with what you really want. Remember that living a life with intention is not a walk in the park. It entails hard work – but it’s the best kind. It is the essence of being alive. Hence, whatever you do, do it with intention.

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