Have you ever wondered why not all highly creative and intelligent people end up being as successful as they could be?  One of the answers is because of idea overload. These people have more ideas than they know what to do with. It is just so hard to focus.


When you are faced with too many ideas and choices you lack the ability to dissect each and really examine it. One of the things that we suggest is to have a list of ideas, where you can dump all your ideas. List them down every time you have an idea popping in your mind. After a few days, 90 days for instance go back to this list and find out which of those ideas are good and take action. 


In this day and age where information is readily available, working on a specific idea is best. Although we have a bunch of creative ideas it is sometimes overwhelming. It is important to separate your ideas. By doing so, it is now easy to organize it and create a starting point. When creating the starting point you also need to gather information and enough details to get it started. 


After you have determined your starting point, create an outline of how you will go about taking action of your idea. This outline will serve as your guide moving forward. With so many innovative projects becoming successful, do not let your idea just be an idea. Go ahead and create your plan of action. Take action and become successful. 

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