The quality of life in a non-financial component is associated with job and life satisfaction.  It is depicted by the quality of your habits. However, there are different things you can do to improve your life’s quality.

Let’s start with developing quality habits:

A habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up. There are good quality habits and there are also bad habits. Good habits are healthy habits. These healthy habits are essential to our body and mind. Eating healthy and exercising regularly are some of the quality habits that are vital to our body.

A good habit for the mind is stimulating, just like how exercise is for the body. Brain games, puzzles, critical thinking, learning new things, hobbies, memorization, brain training, and reading can all function as brain exercises. Most of all you need to care for your mental health. Avoid unnecessary stress. Get some rest. Sleep properly.

Don’t take life too seriously – choose happiness and smile more. Those who try to keep themselves happy, experience a better quality of life than those who remain worried all the time. Cultivate the habit of being happy and live a life of quality.

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