Conviction is a strong belief or opinion. It is a feeling of being sure that what you believe or say is true and it has nothing to do with convenience. It is your true conviction that you will follow through with your New Year’s resolution and really work on it no matter the situation. It should not be changed or waver if the situation becomes inconvenient and challenging. 


While conviction will prompt us to stand under every test but oftentimes, the desire for convenience leads to compromise. Convictions are about what matters to us. Most importantly, they signify to others what kind of person – parent, friend, citizen – we take ourselves to be. They reflect our self-identity. It is this fact that makes a conviction feel so certain, so right.


Commit to your true conviction and change for the better.  Always bear in mind that true conviction has nothing to do with convenience. It is moving on and moving forward no matter the situation. It is understanding the core of things that you believe in and will continue to pursue no matter what. 

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