If someone comes to you with a problem, never offer a solution that you wouldn’t do yourself. How would you know that it is the right solution to the problem, when you, yourself never tried it? 

When you try to implement a system for your team or for your family you have to first try and do it yourself before you let others follow the system. You should be able to tell by experience that the system really works because you try it yourself. 

According to Karl Popper, “All life is problem-solving” and he often contended that the best leaders are the best problem solvers. The best leaders find solutions for all problems and will apply the solutions themselves. They not only approach problems through a lens of opportunity, but offer solutions that work.

Great leaders create solutions to problems that they will surely do when situations call for it. They will and they can execute the actions necessary to solve the problem. An effective leader will never offer a solution that they wouldn’t do themselves.

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