In running a successful company you need to have good people, a good system, and both. Edwards Deming said, “ A bad system will beat a good person every time.” Bad systems can turn even the most enthusiastic workers into frustrated poor performers.

In an organization, a system needs to be in place and it should be a good system that everybody should follow. With good and effective systems, operated by good people, resources could be channeled into growth rather than fire-fighting. 

Do not waste the talent of the good people because they will divert their focus to rectifying problems caused by poor systems. Used them to build a good system and thereby make a good company.

If you want your team to excel at scale, look at your systems. Find out what are the loopholes of your current system and set them up for your company’s success. A bad system will beat a good person. A great system will help all the good people be great. A good system and good people make up a good company.

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