When you’re focusing on today, you have to forget about tomorrow. You will find that you are getting the most of every single day. It doesn’t mean that you will totally disregard the future. This is simply living in the moment.

Focus on living in the present moment. This means no longer worrying about what happened in the past and not fearing what will happen in the future. It means enjoying what’s happening now and living for today. The only important moment is the present moment.

To live in the moment, you have to remove unneeded possessions and forgive past hurts. Be intentional and you’ll find yourself doing it every day without even realizing it. Soak in and fully appreciate the moments of today and forget about tomorrow. You can dream about the future but work hard today. Working hard today is the first step towards realizing your dream tomorrow.

Always stay motivated and remember to be present for the blessing that you are currently living. Learn from your past. Set goals for the future but live for today. Bear in mind, that today is a gift that you are fortunate enough to be living and that is why it is called the present.

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