You don’t need to agree with the other person in order to understand them and validate their feelings. Take time to understand what they are feeling and thinking. Although, it is easier to agree than to disagree. Try to listen and talk rationally if you don’t seem to see eye to eye.

When in disagreement try your best not to make it personal. Always bear in mind that you are in conflict with the idea or concept they are raising that the person themselves. Avoid also putting down the other person’s ideas and beliefs. In other words, be respectful and tactful in dealing with disagreements

Hear out the other point of view. Listen and understand what they are trying to say. Do not interrupt when they are talking, let them talk. When it is your turn to talk, repeat any key points the other person made to show you listened and hear what was said. Calmly present your case and why you disagree.

Respect is very important in dealing with difficult conversations and in disagreements. Stay calm and understand where the other is coming from. You may not agree but you can emphatically understand.

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