Level up if the activity is constant but results in plateau.

Setting goals are only a valuable exercise if we plan on achieving them. Without plans on achieving them, they are just thoughts, hopes, and dreams. Now we like those things and they are a lot of fun but let’s focus on how can we get results.

The first thing to recognize is not all goals are equal. One may not be as demanding as another and one might take very little time but yield great results.

We get asked all the time by people about our philosophy on changing goals once they are set. I feel strongly that we should only set goals that we intend to do what is needed to achieve them but at the same time. I also do not want people to bash their heads against the wall to achieve a goal just because they said they were going to do it.

So the beautiful thing about your goals is that they are yours which means you can change or stop them any time you want. The dangerous thing about your goals is that they are your goals and you can change or stop them whenever you want.

We suggest that the only time you ever change a goal that you still want to achieve is when the actions need to change in order to get different results. You will know when this is happening if you are taking the proper actions and the results start to plateau. This is easier to understand in the physical realm of goals. If your goal is to run a mile in under 7 minutes and right now you are running a 10-minute mile you have some work to do. If you go out and just run at a steady pace for a month straight, you might cut down your time some but chances are you will not hit the goal you want.

The reason for this is that your actions will need to change and get adjusted as you build up your stamina to get to the 7-minute mile. This might seem obvious but the same thing happens in the inverse.

Many times I see people thinking if they do more of their goal they will get a better result. That is not always true. If meditation is a goal of yours but being a monk is not, then 20 min a day is more than enough time for most of us. That does not mean that we need to increase our meditation each day until we are able to do it for hours at a time. Again, if your plan it to be a monk then send me a personal message and I can show you how to increase your actions as needed.

Basically, remember that the reason we take action is to get an end result. If we are getting the desired result, do not feel obligated to increase the actions you are taking. Instead, be happy that you are getting the goals you are setting. If you want the results to change, increase or decrease, only then, once you plateau, is when I would suggest you change your actions and potentially change your goals.

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