Why is it important to bridge the gap between managing and babysitting? You need to draw the line on when to stop babysitting newbies and lead and manage them the right way. Sometimes, being the manager can make you feel like you’re a babysitter. 

Managing is handling or directing with a degree of skill. It involves administrative and supervisory direction.  In short, it is to manage a business. It is wise to know the difference between being a babysitter and a manager. For example, a babysitter let their team do whatever they want as long as they don’t break anything. While a manager sets clear expectations.

Companies that have to adopt freedom and responsibility as part of their cultures give employees independence while holding them to higher standards. We have to remember that these people are leaders in their homes, communities, and places of worship. Valuing them as such is far more likely to encourage a positive work environment than policies that treat them like criminals.

Remember, you are a manager, not a babysitter. Treat your teams like adults. When you are able to bridge the gap between babysitting and managing you can have an empowered team. The empowered team makes a great team.

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