Perception is your perspective, which is based on your experience. Reality, on the other hand, is the state of things as they actually exist. In almost all aspects of life, it is vital to bridge the gap between your perception and reality.


Your perception is your reality. It is your mental view or prospect. To be able to bridge the gap between your perception and reality it will involve a deeper understanding of yourself. How your perception influences your interpretation of the world around you. 


Cultivate self-awareness. This way you can recognize that your perceptions may be influenced by personal experiences and other factors. Don’t assume that your perceptions are reality. This is just your reality. Be respectful of others’ perceptions who knows, they may be right.


Having a mental checklist is always advisable. You have to always check the facts. You may ask yourself, “Is the magnitude of my emotion matching the reality of the situation?”  Then, take a look at how your experience is shaping your perspective of the situation. Just because something is your reality, doesn’t mean it is your reality.

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