A consumer is a person who uses up goods and services while a contributor gives. To be able to live a fulfilled life it is important to bridge the gap between being a consumer and a contributor. All of us give and take to some extent in our lives in a multitude of ways and for as many reasons. 


Taking ranges from other people providing for us financially, guiding us practically or spiritually, to bailing us out of trouble when we make bad decisions. On the other hand, giving ranges from simple things like holding doors open for strangers. It can also be doing volunteer work or donating to charities.


We need to always pay attention to how we interact with people around us. Be considerate in our actions and we can make everyone’s life better. We don’t need to be superstar charity organizers to have a big effect on people.  Just be kind. Be intentional in your dealing with others. A simple compassion goes a long way. Think of how your words and behavior affect others. Be willing to make minor efforts to help the people you come into contact with.


Ultimately, bridging the gap between being a consumer and a contributor requires a willingness to take action.  By taking small steps and building on your successes, you can gradually become a more active participant in the community and make a meaningful impact.

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