“Who you are” refers to your personality.  What you’ve done are your experiences, accomplishments, or the things you did in the past. It may be good or bad. This is why it is important for companies especially in the hiring process to bridge the gap between who they are and what they’ve done.

Researchers have found that pre-hire personality assessments can predict a candidate’s future performance at work. It should be given more emphasis on hiring rather than experience. The applicants with the most relevant work experience will likely be called for an interview, in the usual hiring process.

Personality and interpersonal skills are not typically evaluated until the interview stage. The applicants whose personalities are the best fits for the position may already have been weeded out. Experience and special skills often win out.

We have to consider that applicants’ personalities can be a much better indicator of how well they’ll do in their jobs. Skills can be learned. For this reason, personality should be given greater weight in the hiring process. A good personality inspires confidence in others of your abilities and achievements. Additionally, it also gives a boost to self-confidence. Focus on the personality. 

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