Go is a verb that means to move to another place. Stop is also a verb that is defined as an event, action or process that comes to an end or just simply ceases to happen. In life, it is important to bridge the gap between go and stop.


The question is, “Is there a right moment to stop, and if yes, how well can you recognize it? When you are overwhelmed and exhausted. Stop if you must but don’t quit. Stopping and taking some time is not a bad thing. It’s very different from giving up. You have to recognize when to stop or pause and when to go.


That is why it’s healthy to find the middle between nothing doing anything at all, and overdoing something. It’s precisely why you need to learn when to stop, and when to keep going. There is a difference between knowing when to stop and quit.


Allow yourself to grow by knowing when to stop and give yourself a break. Bridge the gap between go and stop.


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