We often hear the phrase work-life balance. We need to bridge the gap between balance and work. Work-life balance is the state where a person chooses to equally prioritize the demands of work and career and the demands of their personal life. We at LifePulse say it’s impossible to attain the perfect balance between life and work. Instead, we advocate for work-life integration.

Work-life integration is an approach that creates more synergies between all areas that define “life”. Life is your work, home, family, community, personal well-being, and health. All these areas should be in harmony with each other. This is work-life integration.

With the recent pandemic, where most companies adopted the work from the home setup. Work-life integration gains more traction in the workspace. The greatest benefit of work-life integration is flexibility. It allows employees to coordinate their schedules and responsibilities in a more productive way.

Work-life integration seeks to unify life and work in a way that supports both. For the individual, it means managing a schedule that meets your own needs and that of your organization. For organizations, on the other hand, it means being flexible, respecting boundaries, and providing the appropriate tech and support.

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