A task is a piece of work to be done or undertaken. It is important to bridge the gap between the task needed to be done and the value of the task. Task value is an imaginable or sometimes objectively measured worth of a task for completion or a project where it belongs. 

For example, if you are constructing a house. The works needed to laying the foundation, building communications, and erecting the walls are obviously more valuable tasks. Rather than finishing or decorating. The challenge here is to let the person in charge of the tasks that needed to be done now be motivated enough to finish the job.  It is important for the task in charge to understand the value of their tasks to be able for them to perform well.

If the importance and value of the task are not communicated properly to the people who will perform the task, problems arise. This is where task management comes to play. Task management is the process of tracking the different statuses of tasks from the beginning to completion. 

It is vital to understand and bridge the gap between the need for the job and the value of the job in order for an organization or a team to function well. This will boil down to the task in charge or the people. In this situation, it is the line manager’s responsibility that the task needed first are being done first because the people understand the value of the task. Therefore they will do as required.

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