Employee development is the process during which employees, go through professional training. They can also pursue learning opportunities to improve their skills and grow their knowledge and careers. This should focus on personal and professional aspects.

The employee development plan should also focus on the personal development plan. It should go hand in hand. It is better to have aligned personal and career goals. In this way, a company can retain valuable employees. When employees are happy with their personal life they tend to perform at work better and produce excellent results.

Employers should need to realize that they need to invest in the development of their employees both personally and professionally. This will help their employees hone strengths and grow skills. In return will better equip them in their roles. Eventually, this will add more value to the work they do and would directly benefit the business.

After all, employees are human they are not machines. We need to focus on all aspects of the person to achieve their full potential. Let them grow as a person while climbing the corporate ladder. This will surely benefit the company and the person.

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