Company culture goes beyond perks. Culture is all about individuals coming and feeling valued, feeling welcomed, doing well, and feeling safe. Company culture is how you do what you do in the workplace. It’s the sum of your formal and informal systems and behaviors and values.

When people think of company culture, they automatically relate it to perks, corporate values, dress code, office layout, and social calendar. These are the aesthetics and atmosphere that can influence company culture. However, culture is internal. It is within the office or workplace and the people working it.

Company culture is more than just a foosball table in the workplace. Culture is like integrity. It is defined by what someone will do in the company when no one is looking. Culture is of great significance in defining what employees will do when the CEO isn’t there to make a decision. This is the invisible behavior that is adopted by most of the people in the organization if not all.


Culture is more than just a piece of paper, a website, a foosball table, or a slogan hanging on your entrance door. A great company with a great culture is one where employees can feel psychologically safe, respected, appreciated, and taken good care of. It defines the company and the people within. Hence, check your company culture now and stop wasting money throwing things that symbolize your company culture. Instead, create and live by your true culture.

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