A multiplier is a quantity by which a given number (the multiplicand) is to be multiplied. Therefore, it is very important that your multipliers are never zero. When you multiply a number by zero the answer will always be zero. This is the same with force multipliers in your life, it should always be positive to yield a positive result.

Force multiplier is commonly used in military science. It is a factor, such as better positioning or equipment, which increases a unit’s combat potential, allowing it to fight on a par with a larger force. If we take this concept and apply it on a personal level, these are the factors in our lives that give us the ability to accomplish greater feats than without them. For example in terms of results or speed, your impact is greater.

Some examples of positive personal force multipliers are good mindset, good health, good system, and self-discipline among others. Your support system like your family is also a good positive multiplier that will help you get great results. 

These positive force multipliers are important in your life because they make everything easier. They also help in accelerate your results. What you can do is list down the force multipliers that you already have. It could be technology or skill you have access to, your mindset, or even your physical health. Use them to your advantage and make sure that those multipliers are never zero.

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