Why is there a need to create boundaries between what you need and what you want? Here’s why – boundaries show where one thing ends and another begins. You first must identify what  “the needs” are and what “the wants” are. Once you do this, you can now create a healthy boundary between the two.

A need is something necessary to live and function. It is something that is required because it is essential and very important. A want, on the other hand, is something that can improve your quality of life. Want is also a desire to possess something or do something you wish for.

These two different words meanings are both well understood, but oftentimes these are also conveniently interchanged – depending on our desires and motivations. Taking into consideration the interplay between these words is key to better understanding ourselves.

Define your wants and your needs. Identify what are essentials and what is desirable in your life. Create boundaries. Decide what your course of action will be based on the list that you have identified.

Remember that over time, your wants and needs will change. These are not static – like life they are dynamic. However as long as you know the boundaries between your needs and wants, you will be fine. Create those healthy boundaries now and live a fulfilling and happy life.

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