“Long-term consistency beats short-term intensity.” This quote from Bruce Lee reminds us that success is for those who are consistent.  It’s such a powerful message that applies to any aspect of life. Whether starting a writing career, trying to lose weight, or maintaining a healthy relationship – consistency is key.

Watching this weekly wisdom from Matt gets you excited. You then start your day and tick off each item on your list to become very productive. However, the next day you all of a sudden feel bored and uninspired so you don’t do anything on your to-do list to achieve your goals. You said to yourself, it’s okay because you were thinking that you were productive the other day.

Another example is personal development. While you could sit down and blitz through a pile of books in one month, if no reading is done the rest of the year, it is not likely to be as effective as reading throughout the year.

Your short-term intensity will not guarantee your success, long term consistency will.  Take action regularly even if you are bored and uninspired. Do not let it stand in the way of your goals. Act now on things you know will bring you closer to what you want to achieve and do it consistently! 

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