If you want someone to do anything you want, you need to know what they are grateful for. This way, you have the ability to motivate them and create a win-win situation that is beneficial to both sides. It should be a symbiotic relationship. Find out what they are grateful for and connect it to the thing that you need to do.

With motivation, there are two concepts – manipulation and enlightenment. Manipulation is the act of handling or controlling something in a skillful manner. This will drive people apart. Enlightenment, on the other hand, is the action of giving someone a greater knowledge and understanding about a subject or a situation. It will bring people together.

Enlightening them to the positive side of the matter can in turn make them motivated to do it, especially if this is in line with the things they are grateful for. Gratitude can motivate behaviors. When you do something and in turn see that people can benefit from and are very grateful for it, this can boost your morale and increase your motivation to do more.

In motivating others, it is important to focus on motivating in the right way for the right reason. Listen intently so you can really determine what their needs are. Always seek enlightenment instead of manipulation.

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