Free-floating emotion is a diffused or generalized emotional state that does not appear to be associated with any specific cause. A common example is free-floating anxiety. Thus we need to process emotions and feelings properly.

We need to learn about our emotions and how to deal with them. It takes a lot of patience to be able to do it. Processing our emotions is about learning to understand, make sense of and deal with emotions in productive and healthy ways.

Invest some time out of your busy life to spend a few minutes focusing on your body and how you feel. Identify and be aware of your emotions and feelings. You have to stay with and accept the feelings in order to process them.

In processing emotions, it should be processed in order to act appropriately. This is the process where you have to answer the why are you feeling what you are feeling. The next step is to address the emotions. How do we do this? You can talk to someone whose judgment you trust to get a balanced perspective on what might be happening.

Our emotions serve us a variety of purposes. It is wise to learn how to deal with them properly and be careful with those free-floating emotions.

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