Traffic lights are automatically operated colored lights used for controlling traffic at road junctions and crossroads. These are used to avoid disasters. Recognize the traffic lights of life to avoid disasters. Learn when to slow down, stop and go.

Red in traffic lights is stop. When do we use red light in our lives? When do we stop? Red lights are the problems, the setbacks, or the sickness. These are the things that make us stop. Recognize the red lights early on and slowly drift to stop motion rather than halting at once.

Yellow in traffic lights is slow down. However, a lot of us are guilty of speeding up when it is yellow so we can avoid the red light. Yellow or slowing down is a valuable season for growth. It is very nice to learn to gear down and prepare for what we might learn for the rest period.

Green in traffic lights is go. This is the time to accelerate and go. In life when we have set our goals and when we are on the right path then it is a green light to proceed.

Recognize the traffic lights in our lives so we can have a smooth journey. Reflect on your life now and learn when to stop, slow down and go to avoid disaster.

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