Knowledge is a familiarity, awareness, or understanding of something such as facts, skills, or objects. Although knowledge is power, overwhelmed with knowledge can slow progress. There is just too much to learn that we need to start on something even though we do not have the full knowledge of it. We can learn it along the way.

Overwhelmed with knowledge will result in information overload and eventually, you will experience analysis paralysis. This information overload paralyzes you into a state of inaction. This new knowledge if not used immediately can be lost from our brains and memories, so they can be useless.

When you are researching and absorbing the information you think you are being productive or you are taking steps towards your goal. But truly, you can only be productive and will speed up your progress if you action what you are learning.

Take a step towards your goal now. Action what you learn. Learn only what you need to know at any period of time to get you to the next step. Do not be overwhelmed with knowledge because after all learning is a lifetime endeavor.

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