Your environment will affect your output because it can influence your mood. It impacts your behavior and motivation to act. If we are spending a lot of time in a tidy and organized environment most likely we can be more productive but if we spend in a chaotic unorganized environment our output will also be compromised.

The temperature, air quality, lighting, and overall organization of an office or work environment affect work concentration and in general productivity. Look around you, is your current environment helping your productivity? Whether you like it or not our environment affects us and so is our output.

Environmental cues are the objects in your surroundings that affect your thoughts that cause you to behave in a certain way. In turn, also influences your decisions. Even if you have all the intention of completing a task and being productive if your environment suggests otherwise you will in one way or another be influenced.

Start looking around and declutter. Make your environment conducive for working. This will stimulate your creative mind and become more productive.

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