When somebody asks you a question, just answer it. If it is to be answered by yes or no then answer by yes or no, unless there is a follow-up question of why or how. Oftentimes we tend to elaborate on why we did what we did. When we can just simply answer the question.

Communication, especially verbal communication is essential in our life. How we communicate plays an important role as well. A lot of people love to talk but knowing when to stop talking plays an important part in communication.

There are things that need to be simplified and we can start by just answering the question. When someone asks you “How are you today?”, answering it by “I am good, thank you for asking” is a good enough answer. You didn’t need to tell them what you had for breakfast or who you saw when you did your morning walk or that your neighbor is having a visitor the night before. They don’t need that information and it is not necessary at all. They just ask about you, so just answer the question.

Reflect on your daily communication on how you communicate. Are you evading questions or answering questions with why instead of what. Start by just answering the question and it would save you time and trouble.

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