It is amazing to me how we know something works but yet we decide not to use it, and then are let down when we do not get the results we want. If you have ever been through our ACHIEVE program you know that we do not waste time teaching people how to set goals. That is a simple PDF and if you would like it, please let us know and we will send that over to you. Instead of learning how to set your goals, wouldn’t it make a lot more sense to focus on how to achieve your goals? So once you know how to set the goals, here is what you want to do. The first is to write them down. In doing this you are increasing the likelihood of you achieving this goal by 42% vs just saying you have goals.

The simple act of writing it down will increase your odds. If you want a better chance of achieving your goals, write them down, and tell a friend. This will increase the likelihood of you achieving the goal but 55% compared to just having goals. And for those of you who really want to achieve the goals you set, the three steps to take care to write them down, tell someone about them, and create an action plan…THAT IS IT. You do these three simple steps and you will increase your likelihood of achieving the goals you set by 77%.

So we sometimes avoid doing things even though studies like this one from the Dominican University of California clearly show that you are 77% more likely to achieve what you want, yet few do it.

Be different than the norm. Take these three steps with every goal you have and lets at least start being 77% more likely to achieve any goal you have.

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