Intentionality is the key to all things in order to live a fulfilled life. In all the actions that you take, you need to think before you act. Plan before you progress and make sure you will get to where you want to go and not be surprised by where you are and how you got there. Intentionality makes life more enjoyable and easier.

Intentions are something that you want and plan to do. Intentions guide your actions. It is your driving force to achieve something that you want. You have to set your intentions in order to have a clear picture of your life, goals, or anything you want with life. In short, it gives you direction.

If you have set your life’s intention it will result in your personal satisfaction out of life. You will find meaning in everything that you do, even the most boring one. This will guide you to take direct and focused actions towards your goal. Having intentionality really leads to a more happy and fulfilled life.

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