There is a difference between purpose and passion. Passions are emotions, they are fleeting, motivation, and what makes us feel good. The purpose is constant. The reason for your existence.

We have a program where we do the “Why are you here?”, which has seven questions that walk you through to get exactly what your purpose is. It has helped countless individuals to figure out what their purpose is. That is not just finding your “why” not just finding out what excites you but really understanding why are you here on this planet. Take time to recognize it and do not confuse and miscomprehend these two words, purpose and passion.

Your purpose is something that is given to you. Your passions are the things that you like. These are the things that you discover that you enjoy doing. The goal is to find a way to make your passions line up with your purpose to live a fulfilled life.

Reflect on your true passions now and ask yourself if these are aligned with your purpose and what you are currently doing. When passion is aligned with purpose this will give you the fuel to continue and become more intentional. Therefore living a more fulfilled life.

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