20% of your life can change everything!

Have you ever had one incident in your life hit you and feel like your whole life is now thrown into chaos? You know the majority of your life, if not more, is in order, but this ONE thing hit and now it ALL feels out of whack. I’ve been there. Have you?

80% of your life you can plan, 20% you cannot. If you don’t properly plan the 80%, 20% feels like 100%! We know not everything in life can “follow a plan” and honestly, we wouldn’t want it all to. But when you intentionally pursue most of your day, week, and life, it gives you the freedom to handle the hard stuff you didn’t plan for and to celebrate the good stuff you never saw coming!

The right systems create more freedom in your life. What system are you using to plan the 80% so you can live freer?


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