No Such Thing as New Fundamentals

Fundamentals are the central or primary rules or principles on which something is based. They are essentially core truths that other things are built upon. As a mentor once told me, there is no such thing as new fundamentals.

That doesn’t mean there’s no new innovation or ways of thinking. Fundamentals are simply the building blocks upon which new thought is created. We add innovation and creativity on top of fundamentals.

Knowing that there are no such things as new fundamentals. It will help you to see the value in learning those fundamentals now. Fundamentals are our greatest teachers if we allow them to be, they point us to what works and give us a foundation on which to create.

The mistake we often see is when individuals disregard the fundamentals because they feel they have a better way or they want to “freshen” things up. Remember, they are called fundamentals for a reason. If you look at individuals who outperform others, I can promise you with almost 100% certainty that what they are doing is based on fundamentals.

Take a minute and reflect on your life. What fundamentals have you overlooked or disregarded? What is it that you could go back and relearn from the foundation? This week, go back to the basics with one or two things in your life, whether it’s your favorite lift in the gym or a financial plan for your family, start with the basics…start with what you know to be true. Over the course of this year, you will build upon that foundation and see better results than you ever have!

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