It Can Be Good to Go Against the Grain

Be you! I want you to be you, and nothing less than that! Some people think that being “you” means ALWAYS going against the grain in society. See we have grown up being told to be ourselves, so much so that if we are too “normal” it seems like we aren’t really being authentic.

But, going against the grain is only a wise decision when your actions are covered in truth. It’s not wise just to go against the grain for the sake of going against the grain. We should choose the most authentic path for ourselves, the one covered in truth, whether that it is with or against the grain. At LifePulse we use pen and paper in our planning system. This not because it is easier for us but because it is better for us. We get EFFECTIVE results that actually last when we do. We could get into the science behind how the brain benefits from physically writing things down, but you can dive into our other blogs or content for that.

It is absolutely against the grain for us to use pen and paper in 2019 when everything is digital. But remember, if it is based on truth and authenticity, going against the grain is the best path.

I encourage you to be you and want you to keep in mind that “being you” is only effective when you are 100% authentic. That means you are you as you are. No need to change looks, no need for accessories, but instead, just bring you. There is nothing more “truthful” than you being the truest version of yourself.

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