Following the Map, Will Get You the Treasure 

Humans tend to be stubborn, and it is difficult to pull most people off the path they have chosen to travel once they’ve committed to going towards a specific something they want. We understand the importance of focus and the concept of keeping your eye on the prize, but consider what you might be missing if all you are seeing is the achievement at the end of the road instead of the road you are taking. It’s likely you may miss the whole journey…or take a journey longer or more difficult than necessary.

One time Maria and I were driving and Maria, in her very subtle way of doing things, dropped this concept that changed how I teach the topics we speak on. We were driving, and she said, “It is like some people are so focused on the treasure that they never take a minute to look at the Map.” This could not be more true.

Adjust your focus

We run into people who have this end goal in mind of where they want to be or what they want out of life. They are willing to do whatever it takes to get it and sacrifice whatever they can to get there.  They are so laser-focused on getting what they want that they just start doing things, going, trying to get there when really all they had to do was to take a look at the map in their hands.  Often time we have the tools we need to take the best route to where we want to go, whether within us or within people in our lives who are resources on our journey.  But we get so eager to get what we want that we start going before looking at what we have in front of us first.

So keep your eye on the prize. I am fine with that. But please make sure that you take a second to review the Map as you search for your treasure. See the journey you are beginning and be aware of other routes you can go on your way there. Do not just take the first or easiest route you see. Instead, think first, take your time, assess your resources so you can get where you want, and when you get there, you can enjoy what you have learned along the way!

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