You’re Never Lost with a Full Tank

Have you ever had that feeling of being lost? It is terrifying. Not just the feeling of being turned around, but lost…genuinely lost. It stops us, well it stops really anyone, from the movement because going in the wrong direction could get us into even deeper waters!

Speaking of deep water, to really illustrate this feeling, imagine being lost at sea. No matter what direction you look, you can’t see land. So what do you do? Do you stay still and hope to drift to land or do you swim? Most people would say swim, but if you swim in the wrong direction, you’re now even further away from land.

This is when a full tank really matters…or full energy on your part if you’re the swimmer 😉 If you find that you did start heading in the wrong direction and you have a full tank you can start to reroute, it’s still a “right” path just a longer one! Movement is powerful. My grandfather used to always say, “You’re never lost if you have a full tank of gas!” This is because you can always drive to find some help or get directions.  The tank allows you to keep moving towards a possible “found”. But once the tank runs out, you stop moving, and it is official, you are lost!

In the above situation, we didn’t know which direction to go, but too many times we DO know the direction we should be going right away, yet we stop too soon. We feel we have gone as far as we can go on our tank, we sense our tank to be “empty”, so we stop “going forward”.  But we aren’t empty, we are just exhausted.  We consider ourselves lost out of frustration when really, we have enough to stay the course if we let ourselves.

Keep two things in mind this week, you’re never really lost with a full tank, and often times your tank is fuller than it seems!

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