Drive Using All 4 Wheels

The concept of coasting is alluring at times, but it comes with the assumption that it is smooth sailing. If you are “coasting” but it is not time to coast, the end result can be really terrible. Think about the newest car you ever drove in. It just felt smooth. It was like it was gliding on the road while also gripping the road with a near-perfect feel. That is because the car is new and still in complete balance. As we drive that car, it will start to feel like it has been used…a bit less smooth, a bit less traction, a bit off-balance, but at least at this point it still has four wheels that allow you to go.

Think of life as driving this new car.  It is important to balance your life as you would a car. Driving a car, we make sure that all 4 tires have the proper amount of air in them. When a tire is too full, we all know that it pops but when a tire is underinflated, if driven on, it will eventually pop as well.  Our life is like this too.  We need to have a sense of fulfillment across several areas of life, not just one, to function optimally.

The only difference in life is that instead of 4 tires, we think of it as the Four Vital Signs of Fulfillment. These are how you are growing yourself Internally, Relationally, Physically, and Professionally.  We need to check these tires, or our 4 vital signs of fulfillment, on a weekly basis to make sure we are optimally functioning. No one, for any long period of time, would like to drive in a car that was not operating effectively on all four tires.

Take a minute and check your tires. Are you balanced properly throughout your life? This means you are at peace across the Four Vital Signs of Fulfillment and are giving each of the 4 areas the effort and time they need in your unique life. If you are not, make a slight change this week and give a bit more time or a bit more attention to the area you feel needs it.

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