Use the Majority of Your Brain

There is no computer on this planet that has the capability of the human brain. Sure some computers can calculate formulas faster but no computer has yet to be able to match the processing ability of the one in our very own head.

The question is, are you taking full advantage of the most powerful computing system in the world?

See our brain is constantly taking in information, and it never forgets what it experiences. The hard part when it comes to our memory is not the act of storing it in our brain, but the act of recalling the information that is stored.

As a conscious humans, there is a small fraction of the brain’s computing power that we can control. Experts do not know for sure but our conscious mind only uses about 5% of the brain’s capability. The rest is found in the subconscious. This is the part of the brain that reminds you to breathe without having to be told to do so. Could you imagine how stressful life would be if you had to be reminded to breathe…?

So let’s tap into the much more powerful part of the brain with much more processing power. There are certain things that can trigger the subconscious brain to work. The first is the act of reputation. Doing things over and over again will make it feel like you are not even thinking about it.

Your subconscious brain is taking in everything your eyes see and your ears hear, so make sure you are careful of what input your brain is getting.

It makes sense then, though, why writing things down is the one way that best helps you recall what it is you are putting in your brain.

So make sure you are maximizing the one gift you were given that gives you near ultimate power. This subconscious mind of yours is stronger than any other computer on this planet!

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