Clear Your Mind To Use Your Brain

Our brain is thought of as the most powerful computer on earth. What it is capable of is far beyond any computer we have on the market today, though. As most of us have experienced, like a computer or phone with too many applications open. The processing capability can slow down dramatically.

That is why we suggest you do a little clean-up first to get things in your brain operating at peak performance speed!  How do we suggest doing this? Clear your mind in order to use your brain. Doing this is like closing all of the miscellaneous apps that are opened on your phone. Shutting down all the windows open on your laptop…you get the picture, right? On our phones, we can just close the application with a quick swipe of our fingers.  However, in our head, we need to first clear thoughts from our mind so that our brain can operate with less distraction.  The best way we have found to do this is by putting the pen to paper!


At the end of each night, we suggest taking just a few minutes to write. Write down all of the thoughts, to-do’s you have swirling around in your mind and clouding your brain.  We have found that when we do, we feel an INSTANT relief, clarity even.  Sometimes our mind is so focused on all we have to do in the future. Our brain can’t focus on operating efficiently because the mind has taken up a lot of future to-dos and worries.  So just start getting these tasks and ideas out of your head and onto the paper. So you can see all you have to do but it no longer takes up the real estate in your brain needed to function optimally right now! This is how we put all puzzles together. We take the box, open it up, and spread the pieces out. Only then is it easy to get started with the edges and work our way into the middle? No one can do the puzzle effectively while it is still in the box.

Our brain is powerful but can be overworked. One way to relieve that pressure and feeling of overwhelm is to write down what’s in there so you’re clear your mind in order to use your brain.

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